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that for which I am truly thankful

As I sit on a quiet thanksgiving morning and think about all of the things for which I am thankful, I smile and think “how in the world have I been so lucky?”

  • My son…every day I am so proud to be your mom.  I love you more than I ever thought I could love.
  • Quiet mornings writing in bed with two sweet dogs curled at my feet.
  • My entire family…through all my ups and downs, you have been by my side.  I can’t imagine life without each of you.
  • An incredible young woman who happens to be my niece and is also a best friend…a beautiful spirit who laughs with me, hangs with me, and inspires me all the time.
  • My ya-ya’s…for over twenty years, you ladies have been a part of my heart.
  • The Elite 4…rocking women who prove that family isn’t always blood.
  • The T&V Show…it is an honor and privilege to co-star.
  • A kickass, crazy group of friends who see the real me and still are here.  My life is blessed by each of you.
  • Every day I get to go into an office and a job that I adore.  I cannot believe I work with such smart, amazing people.
  • Finding my “zen-zone” and not being afraid to unleash my inner “artist” though my words on paper, paint on a canvas, and my father’s passion for cooking.
  • And even the not so great moments in my life and how those too have turned into blessings.  They have taught me lessons.  They have made me a stronger person.  They have made me be more tolerant.  They have brought an incredible group of people into my life.  They have taught me to breathe and exhale and live with a passion again.

Each day is a blessing.  I for one am thankful for them all.