a letter to my baby

To my son

Today you will be starting a new journey in your life, high school.  I know it may not seem like it but today is the first of many steps to becoming the man you will be.  It’s a very exciting day and, yet a bit of a sad day for me.  You are growing up way too fast!

You have been the most precious and wonderful gift I ever received.  As your mom, yes, I will always love you unconditionally.  I also will tell you that you make me catch my breath sometimes because you have grown up to be such an amazing, young man.  I am so proud of the choices you have made, the advice that you have asked for, and the ability to talk about your feelings.  These traits, I hope, will be very valuable for you in high school and beyond.

You will encounter all kinds of experiences and people in high school.  Some people will remain lifelong friends, some just acquaintances that you will reminisce with at future class reunions.  I have one wish for you, enjoy them all.  Don’t judge the book by the cover.  Don’t let the pressures of your peers make your decisions on who a person is or isn’t.  Get to know them and make that decision for yourself.  People just may surprise you.

Don’t be afraid.  High school is a place where you can find out what you love, what you are good at, and a place to be yourself.  Be you.  Explore the opportunities that will enable your light to shine.  High school is also a place that you may find out what you don’t want to be.  Continue to try to make good choices.  If you however make a poor choice, I will still love you just as much as I have your whole life.  I will always be here.  I will always listen and help you when you want my help.

Ask for help when you need it.  Call me if you are in a situation you don’t want to be in.  I promise you I will pick you up from wherever you are with no questions asked.  At least for that night.  Know that I will be there for you every day with no judgment; however, you also know that as the mom that I am, there will be discussion.  Lots and lots of discussion.  Like I have told you so many times before, you are my most precious gift and you and your safety is the single most important thing to me.  High school is a lot different from when I graduated but at the same time, so much the same.  There will be moments that will define you.  Define your character. Continue to make the good, smart choices that you have always made.

See what it boils down to is you will always be my baby.  No matter how grown up you get, how you start shaving, or how you surpass me in height and shoe size…You will always be my baby.

I will always watch you sleeping and see your beautiful innocent face.

I will always get a tear in my eye when you struggle with a problem.

I will always, no matter what, be here for you.

I am so ridiculously proud of you, my baby, and ready to watch you make your way on your journey.

Go take on the world and have an amazing year


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