a mother’s day

One day a year we set aside to celebrate mothers.  My son began the weekend by presenting me with chocolate covered strawberries when I walked in the door on Friday.  Yes, he’s a smart kid.  And while I enjoy my weekend of celebration in being his mom, I never stop remembering my own.

For some who have lost their mother, today can be a difficult day.  My first mother’s day without my mom was not the most joyous except for the fact I have been blessed myself with an amazing child.  Today is the second mother’s day without Ma.  I imagine I will continue to count the number of holidays and birthdays since she passed, but at the same time, I am reminded in a happy way, all the memories these days bring to mind.

You always knew when it was a special occasion growing up by how much Ma dressed up.  She had impeccable taste with clothing.  The powder blue dress that fit like a glove, came from the Claypool shop, with the buttons up one side was always a “special occasion” necessity.  To me, that dress made her look like a movie star.  It was classic.  She would spray on a little Chanel No.5.  I still cannot walk past a perfume counter with Chanel without spraying a bit in the air, walking through it, and smelling like her the rest of the day.

But the “piece de resistance” was what was coming next.   I always knew the day was even more special when my mom pulled out the wig.  Yes, it was the 60’s and 70’s and wigs were especially cool.  I would stand in awe as my mom would brush down her bangs, flip on the wig, and continue to arrange each hair in the front so one could never tell what she had on her head. ma2 I knew when the “Doris Day” wig came out, it was a big day. I knew when the wig came out an Enchanted Cottage dress, my puffy white go-go boots, and white gloves would be my attire for the day. Lord, I loved those white go-go boots and frankly I adored the dresses and gloves.  Says a lot about me since I truly to this day am more comfortable in a dress and fancy shoes.

Today would have been one of those days.   Today will be one of those days.  If I thought I could swing it, I would wear a wig in her honor.

Not only did she give me life, she taught me how to live.  What a better way to continue to honor her on mother’s day and every day by living out to be the best I can be.  Living to my potential.  Being the person she was proud of.  Happy Mother’s day, Ma and to all the mothers who have taught us how to live.


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