inspire1what inspires us to write?  Is it a moment, a memory, an idea or is it a person?  Writing for me has always been a release.  A release of the words rolling around in my head.  Setting free visions and ideas that are trapped in my mind.  Putting them on paper is liberating; gravitating to a love of words on paper.

Our lives in general ignite inspiring moments of triumph, success, failure, despair. They happen whether you want them to or not. Inspiration cannot be controlled. You can tell yourself “I will feed myself with inspiration every chance I can.”   To misquote an old adage, seek but ye may never find.   Seeking out inspiration seems like an awfully tall task.

However, can’t we change our mindset to be open to inspiration? Can we give each a situation the opportunity to inspire? Think how your life may be different if you were more mindful of what each day may bring. Can we make the conscious effort to say to ourselves, every day, my eyes will be open to possibility. I know that I want to be curious again like a child exploring an infinite number of possibilities in this world. I try to be purposely in my moments.

In deciding how something or someone inspires me I can’t help but look back on my past. I think about the people who have inspired me. My mom and dad weren’t perfect but they were definite inspirations. While I may not have recognized all the ways they motivated me growing up, I can now appreciate how much they did inspire me and continue to encourage new ideas even after they have both passed away.

The interesting thing about inspiration is it never follows a calendar. You cannot schedule your time to be inspired.

There have been other family members, teachers, co-workers, friends, or even strangers who have been a source of motivation at some point for me. Think of all the many moments in your life that have played a part on your road of inspiration. You may have a moment and have no idea that later in the day, the week, the month, the year, you will look back on that moment and know that somehow it changed your way of thinking. It inspired you try to do something that was unlike the actions you were accustomed to. You were inspired. So many times people will tell you about an older mentor or  inspirer.  They can tell the story verbatim of their encounter with previous generation. The older, wiser…they know better right?

However, don’t be so sure…as I have found inspiration in an amazing woman half my age. Two decades behind me. What could she possibly teach me?

One simple thing…to open my eyes to the world and live again.



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