a clean slate

IMG_2577Each new year, the slate is wiped clean.  We all look at January 1st as somewhat of a new beginning.  Erase all the mistakes you made, forget all the crazy crap you did, reflect on the happy times, and make way for a better life in the coming year.  People make resolutions to stop doing some things, start doing new things, and maybe resolve just to be who they are.

What about when someone’s “resolution” is something so out there that it literally makes you scratch your head.  I recently had this over the course of the new year.  A close friend did something a little out of the blue that it had my head spinning.  Then I got thinking about it.  Why was it making my brain go into overdrive?  Did it affect me?  No.  Was it something I would have done?  No.  Was I in disbelief because I didn’t know about it?  Maybe a little.  But the bottom line was…did it matter?   In the big scheme of things, not really.

We all get a little wrapped up in what we believe to be the “right” way of doing things.  I’ll be the first to admit that I, for one, am guilty.  If my son doesn’t load the dishwasher the “right” way, I have to redo it.  (Phew, now I got that resolution done of admitting my OCD)  My point is, we all get so worked up over things that we have no control.  People are crazy!  Everyone!  That includes you and me.  We all do crazy shit now and then.  But what about when someone does something so crazy that you worry?  When you wonder what the repercussions will be for the future?  Do you speak up?  Or, do you take the Switzerland approach and remain a good, supportive friend.  Yet, the bigger question might be, why can’t you be both?

Most of us were raised with a belief system.  I would bet that most of those beliefs stemmed from a religious background.  We are taught to believe things: what we stand for, our morals, our values, and our ethics.  Hopefully as we age, we are constantly learning more and adding to that framework.  I know while my catholic upbringing serves as a backbone to my approach to life, I do not follow those doctrines to a tee.  I have veered from the beliefs I was raised on and I have tried to embrace as much as I can in a spiritual sense.   Am I still a good person?  Lord, I hope so.  Opinions are quite simply, an outward reflection of our beliefs.  Modified slightly of course to fit any given situation.

We are all social creatures…we are human.  We have this innate urge to be social, to care about those we love, to help people we don’t even know.  And…as humans we like to communicate, talk, and most importantly, we like to give advice.  Advice is great when it asked of you.  Advice is great when is “right” for you.  Oh wait, how do I know if it’s right for me?   I, for one, am still trying to figure out my own life.  Yes, I will give my two cents on a topic, of course.  But by no means do I feel that I am the expert on any topic. (except perhaps the proper way to load a dishwasher)    

If one’s man’s junk is another man’s treasure, then can one man’s opinion be the answer to another man’s problem? 

Still trying to figure it out…


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