confessions of a bad pictures junkie

Think Kit Day 11: Visualize Your Year: Draw a pie chart, graph, or Venn diagram of your year. What you measure, count, collect, or combine is up to you!

Pick up your phone or turn on your computer.  When is the last time you took the time to sit and review the pictures you have?  These past few years I have been a freak about taking pictures.  And yes, I admit, I am horrible about remembering to share them.  I take the pictures and hoard them.  If you ever hear me say, “Sure, I’ll text it you”, you had better make me send the text that second. 

Pictures say a lot about you:  your hobbies, your loves, maybe accomplishments, special milestones in your life like birthdays.  Those moments that were captured can all come back to life when you look at a picture.  Each one is special.  Each one creates emotion.  Each one has a meaning.  So what have I been busy taking pictures of?

of course, my son being my son, take a pictureIMG_4353

drive to work and see a beautiful sunrise, take a picture.  IMG_4430

my dog, Coco, who while extremely photogenic, now runs when the camera or iPhone comes near her, take a  picture anywayIMG_4705

waiter sets down a beautiful dish for me to eat, take a picturefood

see a stupid memes on fb, SAVE it as a picture

(God knows I’m going to want to use this one day)IMG_2811

vacation at the beach, quite obvious, take LOTS of picturescropped drink

go to a colts game apparently looking like I’ve never been before and amazed, take a pictureIMG_5025

8th grade band concert?   No picture..take a VIDEO ( I won’t bore you with this)

After reading today’s #ThinkKit prompt, I decided to investigate the types of pictures I take and add them all up to see what in the world I take pictures of the most.  Out of the 724 pictures…geez, are you kidding me….here is what I’m obsessed with in photos:


Thankfully, my son took first place with a good showing for second from my dog.  For a moment, I was a little nervous that I had actually taken more picture of my dog, Coco, than my son.   Third place was a dead tie between my other family members and the number of times I am seen with a drink in my hand.  I feel I can totally justify those as it was vacation and a very hot summer on the beach.

Do yourself a favor, take some time before the year is over and sift through those pics.  Some will make you smile.  Some may even get you to laugh.  Some can bring a tear to your eye.  And if you’re lucky, you’ll find the ones that should be permanently deleted!


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