my year with friends

since 1982 talking sports

When is the last time you bypassed raking the leaves and taking care of chores on the weekend to spend it with a friend? How about calling at the spur of the moment and inviting them to lunch?

When my first #ThinkKit prompt came for a pictures that sum up your year, my mind didn’t have to work too hard to figure it out.  These past couple years have been years filled with change for me.  Between becoming newly single and losing my mom within 6 months of each other in 2012, my life seemed to be an endless whirling dervish of chaos.

since 1990…                  birthdays

But this year, I focused on things I missed out on: my love of reading, my endless need to write, even if it’s only a paragraph in a journal, or my new found obsession with a paintbrush and canvas.  But most of all, I found myself gravitating back to my friends that I had lost touch with over the years.

since 1985 evenings of music
since 1985 evenings      of music

Yes, life happens and we all get busy with children, jobs, and well crap.  But I made a conscious effort this year to not make the job and crap priorities.  I found my friendships, no matter how long they had been lingering, were just as strong as ever.  #ThinkKit prompt only made me realize it.

since 1993 nights dancing
since 1993           nights dancing

We all get so busy with life and we so often use those excuses for losing touch with old friends.  It very well might be true however, think about how your life may have been different if those same people had been around.

since 1997 just being us
since 1997                   just being us

So as the year closes, I hold my friends a little tighter.  I cherish not only the past memories but the ones that are yet to come.  I will call and schedule lunches.  I will continue to celebrate special occasions. And I will not be afraid to tell them how incredibly special they are to me.


3 thoughts on “my year with friends

  1. ahhh…. my friend. As the recipient of said random lunch call — nice to see you! I will gladly drop the “supposed to do list” and meet you instead, anytime. Thanks for your choices, and for always being there. I sure like who you are growing up to be…

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